Despite the devastating effect COVID-19 has had on our nation and our world we at Restoration Health Center have been and continue to be on the frontline committed to meeting the needs of our patients especially those experiencing acute pain. Over the past 8 months we have implemented and constantly update and enhance our policies and procedures to make sure that all health guidelines for sanitation, operating procedures and government mandates are followed. Above all we have the safety of our patients as our top priority.

  • Upon arrival your temperature will be taken using a no touch thermometer
  • You will be given sanitizer for hands
  • You will begiven a freshly sanitized kiosk to use during our initial visit but beyond that we will take care of signing you in.
  • Hand sanitizer is placed through the office and easily accessible for your use
  • Common areas, chairs, doors ad door handles, front desk, tables, equipment, common touch points are sanitized regularly throughout the day
  • As was our custom before COVID19 therapy equipment, adjustment tables and tools are sanitized after each patient.
  • We have modified our scheduling to ensure proper social distancing in our open rehab area.
  • Telehealth is available for our Metabolic and Nutrition patients, as well as for consultations.
  • All staff members always wear a face shield and/or a facemask and we ask that all patients and visitors wear a face covering upon entering the building.
  • After your session is over, we advise you to wash your hands and/or use sanitizer before exiting the therapy area.

We know there are many unknowns about COVID19, but we are committed to doing our very best to uphold the Restoration Health Center standard to keep all our patients and staff members as safe as possible during this time and beyond.

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