In our office, we like to keep our patients well informed and well equipped to make the best decision for their health. So we often offer nutrition classes to teach them how to make healthy and informed decisions about their foods. We address current health trends and teach them which foods are healthiest for them based on their personal health needs.

Shop with the Doc Pantry Makeover

You will be so excited after hearing all the amazing information at our Nutrition Class you won’t want to wait to implement what you learned. You may even have pages of notes on things you want to change but when you get to the supermarket everything suddenly seems so overwhelming. If you are anything like me when I first started trying to get my health and eating habits under control you’re probably wondering where to start.

No Need to Worry!

As part of our Nutrition Series, we take our patients to a local supermarket and teach them how to navigate the selection. We show you which parts of the supermarket is essential in finding the very best products to maximize your health. Nothing is worse than wanting to make a change and not knowing how. Let us help you through it!

Recipe Night

You learned the basics; you bought the food, now Let’s Eat!

The last installment of our Nutrition Series is a food potluck in our office to implement all that we have learned and to share fun healthy meal ideas. This is a fun-filled family mixer that continues to enhance our patients and helps them become integrated into the Restoration Health culture.

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